Botswana / Jamaica / Phoenix, AZ

Margaret’s Story

Margret is from St. Catherine, Jamaica, she has 3 children and despite her husband working during the hard economic climate and Covid-19 pandemic she could hardly provide for her family. Margret needed a way to help her family. She reached out to Women Igniting Fire organization who helped her to start up a small business in farming. Margret was awarded a grant and invested in poultry rearing and with the quick turnaround time was able to provide for her family and reinvest. To hold Margret accountable Margret was asked to make a small donation that can help someone else in the future. This is the vision of Women Igniting Fire, each one helping another. Margret expressed ‘I am so happy for the help because I sold some of the chicken and I cooked some of the chicken to make dinner for my family, this went a far way and because I buy back some chicken I can do it again next 6 weeks..’

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