Women Igniting Fire was founded in December 2018 as a Facebook group to provide daily encouragement for women to uplift their lives. It has since metamorphosed into a philanthropic organization helping women around the world. There is an arm of women located in Phoenix Arizona who meet regularly as a sisterhood. There is an extended arm in Botswana, Africa and Jamaica.


Encouraging women in their daily lives and pulling from within them greatness thus helping them to become contributing members of society.


To provide resources to help women live meaningful lives in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, wellness.

Pastor Venessa Barrett


Pastor Venessa Barrett is a women empowerment coach, ordained pastor, elder and missionary who have been mentoring young women for years. God has given her the mandate to nurture and motivate women to wholeness. She has a passion working with young ladies and delights in encouraging women to achieve their full potential. In the professional field she is an educational facilitator with over 15 years of teaching experience with qualifications in leadership who seeks to continue closing the gaps in education. She is a doctoral student and a first-class (cum laude) graduate in the area of English and Literacy. An Educational Leadership and Administration Master’s degree holder. Venessa’s mandate is to inspire women to live fulfilled lives.

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